Skipped a few days of writing articles like a lazy degenerate (varg.png). I might as well layout my excuses.
Thursday: I was in the hospital for a minor operation, I could have done some writing in the evening but I was tired after spending 6 hours waiting around. I think this is a pretty mediocre excuse.
Friday: Working late. After working from home all day I decided to spend the evening spiking out a big refactoring I want to do. I'm happy to skip my 200 words to do additional work. Unlucky dear reader.
Saturday: Laziness.
Sunday: Laziness.
It's amazing how falling out of a routine for just one day quickly compounds. I'm still planing on finishing my 30 articles. Once they're done then I can assess whether the time spent writing is worth it, the time spend practising developing a habit likely is. I guess developing the skill of sticking to habits is something that can be trained, even if I'm unsure on what I want to obtain from of writing these articles. Right now I just want to get 200 words, this exercise is much more about consistency that quality. I've got some ideas for tech/work flow articles in the bank, hopefully the next thing you read from me is more interesting, this is just getting back on track.