200 words a day


I decided to try out this 200 words a day thing for a month to develop the habit of spending more free time producing content rather than consuming content, and this seemed like a rather low effort start.
My plan for this is to set a 15 minute timer to come up with a topic and start a rough draft, then set a 5 minute timer to write the final 200 words. I try to be realistic with myself and I know that if I don't give myself a time constraint then I wont publish anything. It's always higher EV (expected value) to put something out there than it is to have an unfinished work of art sat on your hard drive. So don't expect any master pieces here!
I'm also doing this with my girlfriend, who is a much better writer than I, to keep each other accountable.
It's surprisingly hard to get this last 50 words, but I'm a big believer in practice so I'll stick at it. It'll be interesting to come back to this and see how much easier writing 200 words on a topic is after a month. Looks like managed to I've hit my target.